A few months back whilst travelling in the United Kingdom,  I came across an attractive currency note in which instantly grabbed my attention. This note called the “Bristol Pound”, did not have the picture of the queen on it like the normal British sterling but had pictures describing the history and culture of the dynamic city.

Intruiged by the pound, I learned that this local currency initiative was a part of a global movement called the ‘Transition Movement’. It involves local communities coming together to tackle the issues of climate change, threats from fossil fuel depletion and economic inequalities.

The ideals of this movement did seem very interesting to me but I really wanted to understand its impact and see if people living in ‘transition towns’, actually cared about this intitiative. Studying in the United Kingdom, I decided to do my thesis on the impact of the Transition Movement.

Spending about nine months researching on the topic and travelling around the UK, I’m finally ready to share my radio documentary. This documentary studies the impact of the movement in the beautiful coastal town of Fishguard in Wales and the vibrant city of Bristol in England.

I know my blog focusses on travel writing but this documentary could be of interest to travellers who want to learn more about local community movements. Feel free to share your comments and pray this documentary helps me graduate and get my Masters!!